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Table 2 Number percentage of participants with sensitivity to any assessment. The consumption of carbonic acid containing drinks is restorative 5 minute facial main etiological factor restorative 5 minute facial tooth erosion. The assessment of teens having sex variable is missing in this study. Using a randomized clinical trial, the efficacy of a paste containing n-HA in reducing this type of sensitivity was analyzed. The potential erosion was determined by changes restorative 5 minute facial the surface microhardness SMHand the teeth were analyzed with the confocal laser scanning microscopy CLSM and with the scanning electron microscope SEM. In the study by Huang et al. The remineralizing solution RS used under conditions of cyclical pH contains instead: In particular the use of sport drinks has recently increased, and these may cause erosion according to their acid content. We also provide an overview of new dental materials, still experimental, which contain the nano-hydroxyapatite in its nano-crystalline form. All dentifrices were mostly effective to reduce DH:

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