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The first serious ethnomusicological study of Malagasy music, Recollecting from the Past evokes the complex sound and performative aesthetic in Men and women models nude photo called maresaka. Phrase of Volonaomby performed on accordion by Jily. Very Soa making accordion adjustments. Head from Tanorani Dadilahy. Jily performing on accordion at one of Andreas tromba ceremonies. Andrea possessed at tromba altar. Music is crucial to these performances since powerful ancestral spirits will not enter into the present if not enticed by masterful musical performances, and so music itself provides a complex symbolic system with which Malagasy can recall and reconstruct the past. Jean Dedier from the Tamatave countryside with Betsimisaraka tole valiha. Ron Emoff focuses on tromba spirit possession ceremonies in which Malagasy use devotional practice as an occasion to expressively re-figure worlds often impeded by colonialism and postcolonial phenomena, extreme material poverty, and widespread illness.


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