golden shower time people. He spent part of his tour at firebase Tigers Lair, where the MPs, two interrogators 9 volt bondage electrocusion Military Intelligence, and the interpreters all lived in the same bunker.">

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Tools of Torture

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The handle on it was black and they plugged the wire into the box. I don't 9 volt bondage electrocusion I ever saw an ear. The shock devices, however, were what did Burge in. While Burge labored as a stock clerk, American troops were dying in Vietnam at a rate of per month. He said he often stood at the door of interrogation rooms, listening to his detectives question suspects, and never saw any abuse. By Marianna Beck 9 volt bondage electrocusion defending himself against Wilson's suit he said he'd never seen a black box, and though he'd served as a military policeman in the Mekong delta in and '69 had never heard of field phone interrogations. Those who allegedly used the device at Area Two were accused of targeting the genital area, not the hand. Showing 1- 7 of 7.

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