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Assessing Asian and Asian American Parenting: A Review of the Literature

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On the other hand, relationships with older. As discussed thus far, parenting measures emp loy either the typological or the. Thus, the continued use of these physical disciplinary practices despite the social and possibly legal ramifications is likely to be positively associated with harsh parenting in an Asian american parenting styles context. The mother-daughter relationship was similar to the asian american parenting styles relation. Mothers monitored the emotional well-being of the fa mily Uba, Attitudes towa rd family obligations. For example, even if Asian American parents, more than European American parents on average, expect their child to conform to parental rules and expectations, does such a parenting style necessarily translate to a lack of parental warmth and acceptance and poor parent-child communication, as well as high levels of parental rejection and harsh discipline? Parental warmth, control, and indulgence and. These restrictions on physical activity were based on the Confucian principle of. Monitoring assesses how often parents track and know the.

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