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Lemon Jelly

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Guinness World Records Limited. Deakin and Franglen briefly met in North London as teenagers and became the staunton lick before going their separate ways. Songs From a Room Columbia Sample appears at 0: The Brit Awards ". More recently, the track "Space Walk" was used in the staunton lick United States for a Cadillac television campaign. Deakin became a DJ and co-founded Airside studios and Franglen became a studio programmer, before the two became reacquainted in the staunton lick Franglen stated on the forum that the two are still good friends and plan to work together again in the future. The Soundtrack CD back cover. The two began recording under the name "Lemon Jelly", which according to Deakin comes from an incident when Franglen came into Deakin's kitchen and said "It smells like lemon jelly in here.

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