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Sperm donation laws by country

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However, the Belgian Parliament became concerned about this and, along with the promulgation of the Tissues Directive by the European Commission, the Government decided radically to alter the laws relating to maximum numbers. In some countries such limits are voluntary while in others they are imposed by law. Special permission is required from the HFEA for the export of embryos. Only unmarried, healthy men under the age of 30 are allowed to donate sperm, and they are real housewife interracial compensated for it. In New Zealanda voluntary policy law by fertility clinics limit one donor to "fathering" a maximum of 10 children to four norway sperm bank. In Switzerland sperm donation is only allowed for married heterosexual couplesónot for norway sperm bank couples, singles or homosexual couples. At present a donor can run the risk of paternity proceedings if his donations are used in such cases. In Israel, sperm donation is mandated norway sperm bank the Ministry of Health. The legal position surrounding donations to single mothers and lesbians is still awaiting clarification by the courts. Retrieved 1 January

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