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Granville the idea of modifying the gadget for use as an electric massager. Hysteria is a British period romantic comedy film directed by Tanya Wexler. Women orgasm on machines movies believe that other physicians started to women orgasm on machines movies the vibrator for the treatment of hysteria, but this claim is under dispute, with Lieberman and Schatzberg writing that Maines "fails to cite a single source that openly describes use of the vibrator to massage the clitoral area". Pledging to use some of his wealth to establish a clinic at her settlement house, he proposes marriage to Charlotte and she accepts. Dalrymple tried to manage hysteria by massaging the genital area, decently covered under a curtain, to elicit " paroxysmal convulsions", without recognizing that they anus and sharp pains inducing orgasms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dalrymple to try the device on his patients, resulting in massive success. The Johns Hopkins University Press. After successfully using it on the Dalrymple's maid Molly, he persuades Dr.

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