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Scattered Shots: Marksman 102: the armor pen years

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After all, you'll spend the majority of your time spamming Volley, where ArP isn't going to help you at all, and you can't rely on having the various armor debuffs on your targets. One of the juiciest GC posts I've seen. Hit only until you have enough. A Two Step Program There are actually two separate steps on the dark path to ultimate armor pen power. The armor penetration cap refers to the percentage of the target's armor that is affected by your armor penetration rating. It doesn't hurt us, technically, but it doesn't help at all and we'd rather that extra hit was another stat that would benefit us. I am so0ooo gonna follow the above advice cuz it sounds so sensible! We've abandoned our points in Improved Arcane Shot since we aren't using the shot in our rotation anymore, and have taken all ranks of Improved Steady Shot. Otherwise the MM ArP talent build is hunter armor penetration minimum close to the agility talent hunter armor penetration minimum.

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