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Never Too Old to Spank: 10 Entertainingly True Spanking Tales

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See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for never too old to spank suggestions. How old is too old to get physically disciplined a la spanking? Corporal punishment, usually delivered with an implement such as a paddle or cane rather than with the open hand, used never too old to spank be a common form of school discipline in many countries, but it is now banned in most of the Western World. It helps to consider the purpose of spanking in the discipline toolbox. If you absolutely don't agree with the premise on an SE site, the best option is to walk away. As she turned the corner, I was coming out of my bedroom and he was coming out of the hallway from the bathroom, still pulling up his zipper. The instrument to be used in administering corporal punishment shall be approved by the principal or designee". The last time and by far the worst was when she thought she caught me and this grimy boy in the aftershocks of sex.

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