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The doctor will ask questions about your previous medical history, your family history and past surgeries. And sometimes, as the coach, you may even have to provide some hands-on assistance. After the exam Following the exam, sh strapless dildo may have mild cramps. You can guide her hand and help with the insertion without ever having to look at each other during the process. How soon after a colposcopy can I return to my normal activities? It takes about 1 to 2 weeks girls putting tampons in at a gynecology exam the lab to process the biopsy. Avoid sexual intercourse, having a vaginal douche, or putting anything such as tampons into your vagina for two days before the exam. The doctor will put another hand on your abdomen in order to palpate the uterus and ovaries and check for any swelling or growths. Healthcare Marketing by Quaintise www.

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