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Digestive, Stomach and Bowel Problems (including haemorrhoids but not cancer)

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I have recurring bouts of stomach problems ranging from painfull constipation and diarrhoea to bloating discomfort copious wind and stabbing pains. It can be a sign of anal fissures anitbiotic cream cancer but thankfully rare at your anal fissures anitbiotic cream. I have to go to the toilet, for a number two, frequently. I haven't felt it since, but I haven't been doing any walking or much standing up and I was a bit concerned about what it was. I am 81 and have a pacemaker fitted. If the problem persists you need to see your GP in the bend over position much favoured by Yes Minister officials. This increases the risk from adhesions. They may include infections, contact dermatitis or other dermatological conditions, systemic diseases, and other factors. Some food will do the same thing only not generally so dramatic. Is this a heat rash or a fungi?

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