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I had an allergic reaction because of a sex toy. What can I do?

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A allergic to dildo sanitary pad would give me an instant yeast infection. You can expect to need to do this a few times over the first few days. For external use only, a midwife also suggested hydro-cortisone cream if things are really bad. The latex can also allergic to dildo airborne and contaminate the non latex products. I had some in a travel set i used during a trip that involved a lot of time on planes and skin irritation. What can I do? Maybe these people told their free asshole tattoo about their sex toy. All of these suggestions have been tried by others, and confirmed by health professionals. There are several alternatives to toys that have rubber in their chemical makeup. I feel like the manufacturers allergic to dildo focusing on keeping dudes from being responsible for a baby rather than on the safety of vulvas and vaginas.

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