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Why Do Men Want To Be Spanked By Women (F/m Psychology)

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I had turned 13, and just started having wet dreams. Very calmly she took my chin in her hand and turned my face toward her. I have no idea why women spank such a passion came from, but there was absolutely no denying it. She was seemingly relieved and smiled and thanked me. Some believe it caused by the person receiving or witnessing spankings during childhood, especially around the age of puberty. These Women may then advise Their men that from that point They will spank and strap regularly and as They see fit. And every single bottom warming was concluded with a rapturous otk application of skin lotion. She babbles as she apologizes. Generally fetishism is defined as a pathological assignment of sexual fixation, fantasies or behaviors toward an inanimate object such as an item of clothing underclothing, high-heeled shoes, etc. She probably controls the person in many regards even after long periods without spanking, since the person spanked has acquired a need to feel humbled and may feel why women spank receives love in why women spank way.


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