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She thought of Commander Shepard and how she'd let him down by not completing her assignment. Briefly, she considered demanding to be uncuffed again, but when she saw Jack's mischievous smirk still lifting the corner of her sexy cheerleader tied up naked full and red and irresistible when wrapping around the word ' fuck sexy cheerleader tied up naked she knew that angle would do her no good. She was growing so excited by then though, her voice wavered a bit, interfering with the whole 'indignant captive' thing she was trying to play up. You can't make me, Jack. She grit her teeth and jerked at her binds, frustrated by her helplessness. I demand you take these handcuffs off me. Take these things off my wrists. Before Miranda could say a word though, Jack took her by the back of the head, gently, and brought their lips together.

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