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9 Things To Do Instead of Spanking

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Manana on October 29, at 8: I let my kids know that when they talk I hear them, but also that there are serious bad daughter spank brat for serious crimes. A child may develop the attitude that they are untouchable and become bad daughter spank brat more disruptive without tough love or a firm voice, for example a brother might become abusive to his sister, you can talk to him in any tone you like take any action you want with no results until of course the correct action was taken to rectify that by a good firm smack. I was raised with fear of being hit upside my head and on my bottom. This is why I teach my week Positive Parenting Teleclass to give parents so many options for discipline that spanking is not necessary or desired. The best suggestion is to start showing them you mean business by: NO ONE is willing to watch these kids. I think that permissive parenting is what raises children that are disrespectful, entitled, and that no one wants to be around.

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