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Soccer Mom part 1

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All she could see was the barrel of that gun, thinking about the deadly cargo it could hurl at her, with one brief pull of a super skinny ebony milf finger. She saw the red light, and applied the brakes. Eveready, just like the bunny, she thought, and giggled. Ted got out of the van, and went around to the back. He saw several anchor points, one was shaped in an open hook design, perfect, he could hook the chain through there, and soccer Mommy was going to take it doggy style. Erotic stories soccer team wife was thinking he must have hit the jackpot, full, swollen milk jugs, she had to be at least a solid 38, huge, cherry red nipples, a sexy curvy waist, a nicely trimmed muff as blonde as the hair on her head, hips that gave him something to hold on to, without being too much to handle, and long, sleek legs. Ted grabbed her hips and pushed hard, impaling this erotic stories soccer team wife soccer Mom on his cock, spreading her walls apart forcefully, and erotic stories soccer team wife 9 inches buried itself balls deep. Ted was enjoying the view, those sexy melons bouncing up and down in time to her thrusts, the way her blonde hair flew around as she threw her head back, picking up speed. She eagerly pulled his head down to hers, and their mouths opened to each other, tongues combining in swirling, tongue filled kisses of passion. Linda was racing towards orgasm also, as Ted hit the boiling point.

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