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Patterns of Recurrence in Anal Canal Carcinoma

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Frisch MGoodman MT. Nine of these patients went on to salvage APR and six eventually recurred. This surgery is radical and associated complications appear to stage ii anal cancer prognosis greater in patients undergoing the procedure stage ii anal cancer prognosis combined modality therapy [ 12 ]. An early population-based caseócontrol study conducted by Daling and colleagues reported that men with anal cancer were more likely to never have married, to not have been exclusively heterosexual, and to have practiced anal intercourse [ 13 ]. An Overview Hope E. Was there a standard stage ii anal cancer prognosis regimen, asian casserole recipe were there any significant morbidities or mortality from the chemotherapy itself? This is in part because of our success with the use of salvage APR after local recurrence following chemoradiotherapy. Local recurrence was defined as a biopsy specimen positive for carcinoma subsequent to a negative biopsy specimen following chemoradiotherapy or as a positive biopsy specimen of the anal canal or perineal region following surgical excision. A second series by Place and colleagues reported similar findings [ 41 ]. An important landmark within the canal is the dentate, or pectinate, line, which represents the end of the squamous mucosa and the beginning of a zone of transition from squamous to nonsquamous either transitional or rectal glandular mucosa.

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